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Orox Leather Co.

Quality Leather Goods by OroxThe roots of Orox Leather Co. stretch back four generations. Now based in Portland, Oregon (the ‘Or’ portion of their name), the craftsmanship began in Oaxaca Mexico (rounding out the company’s moniker). Co-owner, Martin Martinez, traveled to Portland alone, and when he arrived he knew his family’s leather business would find a home in the US as well. Orox Leather Co. creates high quality, durable goods that, while stylish, don’t go in and out of style. Their products can be used and loved for years, and eventually passed on to the next generation. Making products that last is part of the founders' Mexican heritage. Orox Leather Co. is committed to creating products that have minimal environmental impact. All their materials are US made. These high quality materials look great and are extremely durable.

Orox Leather Co.

Orox Leather Co. Double Ring Wristband


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