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About JDV:

Nana was never seen without a scarf.  Collette Shaw was a beautiful French woman with 6 children and yet always made time to find a perfectly matching scarf.  My dad used to say she must have been born wearing a scarf because she was never seen without one. She collected scarves from a young age and had 100′s of scarves in her collection.  She treasured old books and magazines clippings that taught her new ways to wear a scarf.

As a young girl, my Nana would demonstrate how to wear scarves at high-end boutiques and was always finding new uses for scarves. Joie De Vivre is a tribute to my Nana and her carefree attitude towards life and style. She believed in enjoying of life, one scarf at a time. This is where our name, “Joie De Vivre” (the enjoyment of life), comes from.

Since 2005, Joie De Vivre has been committed to re-creating the designs of my Nana’s French classics. Nana used to say that jewelry made people forget about her wrinkles. This is why she always chose classic pieces that she would never have to replace.

This is our philosophy.

Due to our Nana’s relentless searches for the best quality, we are passionate about ethically sourcing the finest material and working with families that care about the products they make. We care deeply about all of this.

So here’s to you, Nana Shaw.



Joie De Vivre Scarves

Joie De Vivre Scarves Silk Scarf


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