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HT Leather Goods

When Handbag Tailor first began operation in 2007, we started as a small boutique focusing on the finest quality leather handbags. Nestled in the heart of Paradise Valley in Livingston Montana, we're no strangers to breathtaking beauty, so our tastes are refined and our standards are high. Going to trade shows around the country allowed us to hand pick designers and work with artisans that coincide with our fresh ideas . Our items always one of a kind, coming from well respected designers from all over the world. Going to trade shows not only provided us the opportunity to sample the finest designers from all over the globe, it inspired us. It inspired us to not just be collectors, but with time, hard work and some creativity, be our own designer. It was then that HT Leather Goods was born. Combining two of our biggest passions, quality handcrafted leather and luxury accessories, we have expanded our horizons to include handcrafted jewelry, clothing and even handbags themselves. With a team like ours, the possibilities are endless.

HT Leather Goods

HT Leather Goods "The Murray" Bracelet


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