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Fashion Cents

Posted on 25 January 2018

You have a sense for fashion and flair and you understand that accessorizing an outfit with just the right piece or pieces can make or break the look you're going for. You know jewelry makes that little black dress a 10, and makes you look polished and professional in that business suit. Jewelry also makes an outfit uniquely you. It shows off your spirit and inner fashionista. A necklace brings life to an outfit, like music to a party, and earrings are like choosing that perfect frame for your favorite picture.

So, when it comes to buying jewelry you can spot a great piece when you see it. Like our newest additions from designer Karine Sultan. They are ready to take your wardrobe to the next level. 


Antiqued Gold Chain that converts from a necklace to a chunky statement bracelet.


The daring Deborah caged arm cuff.


The classy and sparkly Louna charm bracelet in gold. (Also available in Silver.)


And the retro-modern matching Louna charm necklace in silver. 


So, with all of that style sense, did you know that these amazing and versatile pieces are not only beautiful, but also nickel-free?! Does it even matter you might ask? Well, here's our two-cents (or five) on nickel. When jewelry contains nickel and if the plating or overlay wears away, you now have your skin exposed to the base metal. If that base metal contains nickle, you can have an allergic reaction. Nickel is in expensive, and add durability to metals, which is why it is frequently used. However, the Karine Sultan Collection available here at Handbag Tailor doesn't contain the potentially irritating nickel. Now that you know the fashion "cents" on nickel, you'll be happy to know that with these new Karine Sultan pieces, as with her others we carry, you can expect many years of flaunting your fashion genius...nickel free.

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