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Build It and They Will Come

Posted on 01 March 2018



The Merriam-Webster definition of assembly

a : the fitting together of manufactured parts into a complete machine, structure, or unit of a machine - the assembly of an automobile
b : a collection of parts so assembled
Somehow the parts become more than the whole when you do the assembly. It's not just another bag you purchased online, but a meaningful expression of you and the way you see fashion. It's a challenge to see if you can accomplish it and make your very own gorgeous ASMBLY bag. It's exciting to make it yourself. It's fun to see it take shape. It's an interesting concept. It's about an hour of your time. It's about time. Watch how easy it is!

ASMBLY Designer Handbags - Brown Clutch

The clutch




Asmbly Tote - Medium Navy Blue Leather DIY Tote

The Medium Tote





Asmbly Designer Handbags Shopper Tote in Pink PU

The Shopper Tote


Buy. Make. Enjoy. 


Check out "How To" here...


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